Ceramic veneers correcting undesired spacing and discoloration.

Immediate implant placement and ceramic custom abutment/crown replacing a fractured tooth.

Crown lengthening surgery and ceramic veneers correcting previous crown/gum height discrepancy.

Immediate implant placement and ceramic custom abutment/crown replacing a traumatized tooth.

Full coverage ceramic crowns replacing old fillings with recurrent decay.

Immediate implant and all ceramic abutment and crown replacing a fractured front tooth.

All ceramic crowns replacing old generation crowns with exposed metal collars.

Adult orthodontics and a partial denture correcting mal-allignment and missing teeth.

Crown lengthening surgery, all ceramic crowns and an implant retained complete denture.

Composite bonding correcting undesired spacing and narrow teeth.

Custom shade matched and characterized ceramic crowns improving congenital peg later incisors.

Implant supported bridge with custom abutments used to restore an edentulous space.

All ceramic crowns used to correct discolored, decayed teeth.

A crown/implant combination replacing the need for a removable denture.

Implant bridge and custom ceramic abutments replacing traumatized/discolored teeth.

Ceramic crowns replacing old crowns, malposed, and discolored teeth.

Root canal therapy and custom shade matched ceramic crown to treat traumatized tooth.

Custom ceramic crowns treating tetracycline stains and post-braces decalcifications.

Fully guided implant therapy with fixed crown and bridge to replace failed bridgework.

Custom ceramic crowns treating stained and worn front teeth.

Implant retained complete denture replacing failed bridge.

All ceramic bridge replacing missing tooth.

An all-digital complete denture set replacing old, worn, and ill-fitting dentures.

A implant-retained fixed hybrid denture replacing decayed and fractured teeth.

Full arch ceramic crowns replacing worn teeth due to wear/acid erosion.

All zirconia hybrid (fixed to implants) denture replacing failed lower teeth.

All ceramic, custom shade matched ceramic crowns replacing stained and fractured front teeth fillings.

Same day root canal and implant to fix fractured teeth secondary to trauma.

Canine substitution with orthodontics and ceramic crowns to replace congenitally missing lateral incisors.

Dual full arch ceramic crown reconstruction due to collapsed bite from severe wear/acid erosion.

Orthodontics, implants, and crowns to correct/replace mal-positioned/hopeless teeth.

Periodontal (Laser and Bone grafting) and implant therapy to restore severe periodontal disease and tooth mobility.

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